Firehouse Theatre – 1st Drafts and Bagels

By | March 8, 2020

1st Drafts and Bagels
Kalos k’Agathos
Sat Apr 11 @ 12noon
$5 suggested donation at door

​Need some dynamic theatre to elevate your weekend?

Join us at Firehouse for mimosas and bagels and participate in the creative process of making a new play. 1st Drafts and Bagels program is geared towards providing opportunities for playwrights to workshop
their pieces followed by a talk back chat with audience members to collaborate on further developing pieces.

written by Chandler Hubbard
directed by Chelsea Burke

“I was a good girl.”
“And the world set you on fire anyway.”
Whatever she is, whatever she was, Medusa is now condemned to eternity in Hell. After centuries of failed attempts, her fellow Gorgons have finally arrived in the underworld to rescue their sister. But the chains holding Medusa can only be broken by the tormented prisoner herself. The myth, the monster, the woman must grapple with demons and fight to be the hero of her own story.

Amber Marie Martinez
Maggie Bavolack
Nora Ogunleye
Anne Michelle Forbes

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