Genworth Lights Up! Youth Series

By | May 30, 2021
Monday: Stage Makeup Workshop
Join makeup pro, Taylor Baltimore, for a tutorial on how to apply your own stage makeup. In this class you will learn basic techniques to look your best on stage!
Tuesday: Stage Management Workshop
Join local equity stage manager, Jocelyn Thompson, as she shares her process for mounting a successful show and answers frequently asked questions about the job of a stage manager.
Wednesday: Puppetry- Inside the Studio
Explore the world of puppetry in the studio of Richmond-based puppeteer, Heidi Rugg, of Barefoot Puppet Theatre. We will learn about hand-puppets, rod-puppets, and object-puppets. We will also see how YOU can make puppets at home.
Thursday: Stage Props
In this demonstration, you will explore the fun of making fake food props for stage productions. You’ll join local props artist, Pam Connolly, as she demonstrates how to make faux ice cream, a slice of cake, and some tiny petit fours. Enjoy this quick video with lots of sweet information!
Friday: Stage Magic
Designed exclusively for students of theatre and its allied arts, this on-demand tutorial, written and hosted by Swift Creek Mill Theatre’s Artistic Director (and Master Magician) Tom Width, will demonstrate the ways in which basic principles of magic can be used to create wonderful special effects for the theatre.
Video clips of these effects in use on the Mill’s historic stage will enhance the students’ experience, verify the theatrical applications of the principles, and spark creative ideas. The role of Special Effects Designer will be elevated with “Principles of Magic for Theatrical Productions” a Young Peoples’ Playhouse Production.

The videos are available on the RPAA Facebook page and website!

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