Longtime Richmond theater and arts critic Roy Proctor dies at 80

By | May 17, 2020

For a longtime theater and arts critic who wrote countless words, he wasted few of them when pondering his legacy.

“I called the shots as I saw them,” Roy Proctor recalled in a 2018 interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “I always tried to be fair.”

And he lived up to the advice that he offered to new critics trying to establish their voices. He leaned forward and whispered his brief, blunt counsel: “Don’t be a cupcake.”

Mr. Proctor, the ebullient and opinionated arts critic, reporter and columnist whose local newspaper career spanned 30 years, died of natural causes in Richmond on Sunday. He was 80.

Persistent health issues slowed Mr. Proctor in his later years and kept him close to his longtime North Side home, but they never dimmed his energy or his interest in others — and the arts.

Well-known to the Richmond arts community and newspaper readers for covering the gamut of artistic expression — theater, film, visual arts, music, dance and even opera — Mr. Proctor mixed a boyish enthusiasm for stagecraft and drama with no-nonsense gut reactions to theater productions and performances all over town.

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