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The Lynn Theatre and Wishing Wind Creations are happy to announce the cast and production team for “Miss Witherspoon” by Christopher Durang. “Miss Witherspoon” runs from February 1-16, 2019, in The Lynn Theatre, John Tyler Community College – Midlothian Campus at 800 Charter Colony Pkwy, Midlothian, VA 23114.

This collaboration features professional artists as well as John Tyler students and will be a fringe production with the 2019 Acts of Faith Festival.

Veronica: Amy Berlin
Mothers: Louise Ricks
Fathers: Arik Cullen
Maryamma: Helena Ruiz
Woman in Hat: Daqueeta Mayfield

Director: Zachary Owen
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Danielle Hartman
Stage Manager: Christy Hudson
Scenic Designer/Technical Director: Liz Allmon
Lighting Designer/Production Manager: Alleigh Scantling
Costume Designer: Jennifer Krisch
Sound Designer: Jordan Sarvay
Props Designer: Ellie Wilder
Assistant Lighting Designer/Assistant Technical Director: Hailey Bean
Associate Producers: Amy Berlin, Zachary Owen, and Kerrigan Webb Sullivan

Veronica, already scarred by too many failed relationships, finds the world a frightening place. Skylab, an American space station that came crashing down to earth, in particular, haunts and enrages her. So, she has committed suicide and is now in what she expected to be heaven but is instead something called the Bardo (the netherworld in Tibetan Buddhism), and the forces there keep trying to make her reincarnate. So far she’s thwarted these return visits to earth with a sort of “spiritual otherworldly emergency brake system” she seems to have, but when she is finally reincarnated, will she learn her lesson? This is a play about facing one’s fears. even if it means returning to a world that finds new ways to terrify every day.

For further information about Wishing Wind Creations or Miss Witherspoon, please contact Amy Berlin or Zachary Owen at wishingwindcreations@gmail.com

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