Rumput presents: ICOTIANA – FTP

By | February 1, 2020

Rumput presents:
an evening of Indonesian music
Tues, Feb 18 @ 7:30pm

Rumput will be performing traditional and experimental music, including a new crankie art roll about the exploits of the tobacco industry from Virginia to Indonesia. Stu Kindle, Richmond ukulele artist, will be performing a 30 minute opening set.

When the American tobacco industry was hit with lawsuits in the late 90\’s, companies re-branded and reoriented towards international markets such as Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, tobacco is poorly regulated, ads regularly target children (remember the “smoking baby” on Youtube?), and lung cancer deaths have gone through the roof. Cigarette taxes are now an important source of national income and politicians receive regular kickbacks from the industry. The story of tobacco is a tale of global exploitation in which American capitalists have benefited wildly from the suffering of Native Americans, African American slaves, blue-collar labor, and the engineered addiction of billions of smokers across the globe. We will be performing a new “crankie” and shadow play about the story of tobacco, in which Richmond, Virginia and, today, Indonesia are two of the most important chapters.

This performance will include several traditional and new works for keroncong, including several crankies, featuring our new work on tobacco. Stu Kindle and friends will perform short arrangements of several old tobacco jingles.

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