Swift Creek Mill Theatre Announces Debt-Free Status!

By | February 7, 2021


With gratitude to all of our friends and supporters (that means you!) and an anonymous benefactor, Swift Creek Mill Theatre is thrilled to announce that we are now debt free!

Read our press release, below, for more details!

A New Chapter for Swift Creek Mill Theatre

South Chesterfield, Virginia – Swift Creek Mill Theatre has announced that it is debt free for the first time in its history as a not-for-profit theatre organization.

According to Managing Director Steven Koehler, the achievement is a result of focused and careful management of resources and the generosity of an anonymous benefactor who absorbed a portion of its debt.

“Increasing the theatre’s contributed income while carefully stewarding gifts and resources has become a driving part of every decision we make at the Mill,” said Koehler. “The past several years has seen growth in contributed income, especially from individuals, our friends and supporters, which has had a remarkable impact on our fiscal health and future.”

“We, as an organization, and indeed the community, are forever indebted to this benefactor, not only for this act of kindness and generosity, but also for the confidence and support it demonstrates in The Mill, its Mission, and its management as we move forward,” said Board President Randy Rowlett. “The Mill is committed to moving forward stronger than ever as we continue to provide quality performing arts to Central and Southside Virginia.”

“We have an incredible family of supporters who have helped support our day-to-day operations, including the preservation of our historic building,” said Koehler. “This has been particularly crucial for us over the past year as were forced to close our doors in March, due to the pandemic, and experienced a devastating flood in August. We found ourselves unavoidably thrust into a situation in which our source of revenue dried up. Yet thanks to generous support from our community, we have been able to weather these challenges and chart a course for success in 2021.”

While the theatre remains closed to the public, the staff and artists have managed to find new ways to reach audiences. In October of 2020, one month after the flood, the Mill launched a new endeavor, “Young People’s Playhouse,” featuring on-demand, educational youth plays. To date, they have released “A Drifty Holiday” and “Chicken Little on the Farm” and hope to offer more digital productions in the future. Tentative plans are underway for a new season of live MainStage productions and cabarets this fall.

In spite its debt-free status, as the possibility of reopening the theatre remains on hold until the Covid-19 vaccine becomes more widely available, the not-for-profit theatre is still largely dependent upon donations for its continued operations.

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Our Mission: Swift Creek Mill Theatre provides Central and Southside Virginia with professional theatre in a variety of genres, including its Youth Theatre and Educational programs, and preserves its historic building.

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