VA Rep: Saying goodbye to Willow Lawn

By | October 10, 2021

Virginia Rep has big plans for the future of our Children’s Theatre.

We said a heartfelt goodbye to our Willow Lawn home last week, and told so many fun stories about the 139 shows we’ve produced there. We had a toast and celebrated 25 years of families enjoying performances at the theatre.

There have also been many other events in that space: camps, readings, classes, holiday markets, Santa brunches, cabarets, weddings and even funerals. We’ve had art exhibits that enhanced our shows, special cut-outs for the families to take photos, and exhibits to provide more background on the stories we tell through LIVE theatre. You get the whole experience at Virginia Rep.

Share Your Memories

We invite you to share your own memories about the Children’s Theatre by self-taping a video message on your phone, or simply writing them down in an email. Send them to me at, and I will share them over the coming months. We’d love to hear from you.

A New Home

We expect to make an announcement soon about relocating all of our children’s, family and school programs in a new-to-us home. Our hope is that camps, tour, children’s shows, story drama and the departments that support those programs will finally all be located together.

Downtown and Hanover

At our Virginia Rep Center, we will continue to present our Signature Season in the November Theatre and Cadence Theatre in Theatre Gym, along with set, props and costume shops and our box office.

We hope to also present some special programs at Hanover Tavern this winter, so look for those announcements.

Big things are happening at Virginia Rep, and we invite you to be part of all the excitement.

Liz Nance
Director of Communications

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