Auditions for Seussical: The Musical at Virginia Musical Theatre

By | August 5, 2018

Virginia Musical Theatre announces equity and non-equity auditions for SEUSSICAL: THE MUSICAL. All roles are open. All roles are paid, and housing is available for some roles. Seeking performers ages 10 and up for this production. Please see below for more details, including a character breakdown for each role in the production.

Auditions will be held Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 at The Governor’s School for the Arts, located at 254 Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia.

Rehearsals for SEUSSICAL begin Tuesday, November 19 for a December 7-9 run at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts. Note: There will be a 10 a.m. school performance of SEUSSICAL on Friday, December 7.

Please prepare one 32 bar vocal selection from a contemporary Broadway show or pop song that best shows off your voice. You MAY sing from the show. An accompanist will be provided. Please do not bring a pre-recorded CD. There is no dance audition required.

Please call 757-340-5446 or email to schedule an audition.

When: Saturday, September 8, 2018, 10am-12pm and 1-5pm
Sunday, September 9, 2018, 2-6pm

Where: The Governor’s School for the Arts
254 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Book by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Mark Hudgins, Producer
Pierre Brault, Director
Allan Decipulo, Music Director

Seeking Performers for the Following Roles:
The Cat In The Hat
The Cat In The Hat is the essence of mischief, fun, and imagination. The Cat stirs things up, causes trouble, but always sets things right again, helping Jojo to discover the power of his own imagination as they create the story for the show together. Looking for a physically adept actor (male or female) to play The Cat, one who will make many comic cameos and is comfortable improvising with an audience.
Gender: Both
Vocal range top: D6
Vocal range bottom: Bb4

Jojo is a “Thinker”, a smart child with a wild imagination. He can be played as being a little bit awkward, a little bit of a loner, or simply a rambunctious kid whose Thinks get him into constant trouble. By the end of the show, he learns what it means to be a responsible member of his world, using the power and possibilities of his own Thinks. Strong singer.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: D6
Vocal range bottom: Ab4

Horton The Elephant
Horton The Elephant is a gentle giant. Think of him as a big-hearted blue-collar guy who is steadfast, responsible and always tries to do the right thing for his friends. He is imaginative and receptive to the world around him. He is very unselfconscious. Horton’s view of the world never changes – he believes in its goodness. By the end of the show, without even realizing it, he is ready to become a parent.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: E6
Vocal range bottom: A4

Gertrude Mcfuzz
Gertrude Mcfuzz is very self-conscious and aware that her one-feather tail isn’t perfect. Gertrude changes during the show from a neurotic, nervous and shy bird into one with the power to protect and care for a baby elephant bird and commit herself to Horton. In other words, she stops worrying about her looks and grows up.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: F3

Mayzie La Bird
Mayzie La Bird is self-centered, selfish, and vain. Mayzie will never admit to her own flaws. She manipulates anyone she can into doing what she wants. But Mayzie isn’t all bad. In giving up her egg to Horton once and for all, she has a moment of generosity-she realizes she isn’t the kind of person who would be a good parent, and she does the best thing she can for the egg.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: G#3

Sour Kangaroo
Sour Kangaroo isn’t really sour at all. She’s just got a lot of attitude. She’s loud, brassy, and a lot of fun.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: A3

General Gengus Khan Schmitz
The General is bursting with pride at the military academy he runs; a comic character, he is very misguided, but unaware of that fact; male; vocal range: baritone

The Wickersham Brothers
The Wickersham Brothers are not bad guys! They’re simply a lot like kids who tease, play pranks, and get a kick out of making mischief, although often at others’ expense. They enjoy hanging around with one another, making music together on the street corner, and playing off one another.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: G6
Vocal range bottom: A4

The Whos
The Whos are a lot like you and me, only so small as to be invisible. Don’t think of them as weird little aliens. They should be played for their inherent humanity.
Gender: Both
Vocal range top: D#5
Vocal range bottom: G3

Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor
Mr. and Mrs. Mayor are Whos who are parents trying hard to raise a difficult child in a difficult world. They may get aggravated with Jojo, but they love him dearly and try to do the right thing, even if it turns out to be a mistake.

Mr. Mayor
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: A6
Vocal range bottom: C5

Mrs. Mayor
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Jungle Creatures
The Jungle Creatures are real people at heart, just like us, even though they may be described as animal characters.
Gender: Any
Vocal range top: Db5
Vocal range bottom: A3

The Grinch
One of three great smaller character roles.
Gender: Any

Yertle The Turtle
One of three great smaller character roles.
Gender: Any

Vlad Vladikoff
One of three great smaller character roles.
Gender: Any

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