AUDITIONS: The Illuminated Stage announces auditions for “A Christmas Memory”

By | August 12, 2018

AUDITIONS: The Illuminated Stage, a new professional theatre company based in the Tri-cities, announces auditions for “A Christmas Memory”.

The Illuminated Stage at the Beacon Theater in Hopewell, Virginia
Written by Duane Poole, Music by Larry Grossman, Lyrics by Carol Hall
Directed by Julie Fulcher-Davis, Musical Direction by Tony Williams

Based on the classic short story by Truman Capote, “A Christmas Memory” is the tale of a friendship for the ages. Set in a small Southern town in the 1930s, A Christmas Memory is an evocative musical memoir featuring a cast of seven. Following the comic adventures of two misfit cousins, the show celebrates the simple pleasures of life and the joy of giving—a festive, emotional holiday story that reminds us what Christmas, family and friendship are all about.

Seeking the following: white male (30s), white male (45-65), female of color (35-55), two white females (45-60), male child and female child, white (11-13 who play younger).

Auditions: Monday, Aug. 20 at the Beacon Theater, 401 N. Main Street, Hopewell
Callbacks: Tuesday, Aug. 21, 7 to 10 p.m., Beacon Theater

Be prepared to sing 16 bars from an up-tempo song and 16 bars from a ballad. Bring music in the appropriate key. Accompaniment will be provided.

Rehearsals begin: Monday, Oct. 29, 2018
Performance run: Dec. 14–16, 2018

For information or to request an audition time, email Include “A Christmas Memory” Audition in the subject line.

Synopsis and Character Descriptions below:

A Christmas Memory

In rural Alabama, 1933, young BUDDY is being raised by three eccentric cousins. He is closest to his COUSIN SOOK, still a child herself in many ways— and as Christmas nears, she and Buddy gather ingredients to bake holiday gifts for those who’ve had a memorable impact on their lives in the past year. Sook’s sister JENNIE is concerned these fanciful outings will cause young Buddy to grow up soft. Enlisting the aid of their bachelor-brother SEABON, she plots to separate the best friends for their own good.

From the vantage point of time, ADULT BUDDY, now a successful writer, leads us through a series of adventures, hilarious and touching, fondly remembering the onetime soulmates’ efforts to both celebrate the holiday and find a way to thwart Jennie’s plans.

They obtain Prohibition whiskey for their cakes at a nightclub run by the notorious HAHA JONES; Buddy makes a surprising friend in NELLE HARPER, his tomboy neighbor, leading her on a wonderful adventure of their own; and Buddy and Sook accidentally get tipsy on leftover whiskey, happily planning their lives together as best friends forever.

Despite best efforts to the contrary, Buddy’s gift from Jennie and Seabon is a military school uniform and a train ticket. This is to be their last Christmas together. Flying handmade kites one final time that morning, Buddy and Sook vow never to lose touch—to keep their hearts close as the kites in the sky.

Now, on his return to this place of memory, Adult Buddy renews his friendship with ANNA STABLER, the family’s onetime housekeeper who is now the last, living tie to his past. With her help, he makes an emotional reconnection, a catharsis in which he embraces the past and realizes that the next story he has to tell—is this one.


Sook (rhymes with book) Faulk: 45–65, childlike and emotional, full of life and good will, wears her heart on her sleeve.

Buddy Faulk: looks, 10–12, a cousin to Sook, sweet and sensitive with an active imagination; young version of the writer

Adult Buddy: 30s, a successful Manhattan writer with a poetic soul, currently at an emotional and professional crossroads

Jennie Faulk: 45–65, Sook’s domineering spinster sister, confident she knows what’s right for everyone in her family

Anna Stabler: 35–50, African-American, the Faulks’ cook, caretaker, and confidante, with a sharp sense of humor and a strong sense of self

Nelle (rhymes with Belle) Harper: looks 11-13, Buddy’s tomboy neighbor and nemesis whose tough exterior masks a need to connect emotionally with someone

Seabon (rhymes with T-bone) Faulk: 45–65, brother to Sook and Jennie, a timid bachelor who still dreams of a bigger life; also play Haha Jones, owner of the nightclub outside of town, a frightening presence and the subject of local gossip; also plays Farley Wood, the postman who knows everybody’s business; also plays a Delivery Man.

and …

Queenie: Buddy’s lovable terrier

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  1. Dorothy Strong

    how do I get tickets to the Hopewell presentation? Went to Beacon and they sent me to Illuminated Stage Christmas Play. That only told me about auditions, dates, etc. nothing about how to get tickets.

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