Join us for the exciting inaugural season of the Central Virginia Theatre produced by the Louisa Arts Center in Louisa, Virginia.

By | July 16, 2017

Auditions will be held on Friday, August 18, with call-backs on Saturday, August 19 at the Cooke-Haley Theater in the Louisa Arts Center 212, Fredericksburg Ave., Louisa, Virginia.

Central Virginia Theatre will be holding auditions for its inaugural productions of “Dracula” and “Best Christmas Pageant Ever – The Musical” on August 18 at Louisa Arts Center, 125 Fredericksburg Ave, Louisa, VA.

“Best Christmas Pageant Ever – The Musical” auditions at 4pm and Dracula auditions at 7pm.

Call-backs will be conducted on August 19 at 11am.

Dracula will open October 20 and Best Christmas Pageant Ever – The Musical opens December 8.

“Dracula” A Vampire Play in two acts, dramatized by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston from the novel by Bram Stoker. Auditions at 7:00Pm and call back times TBD.

Actors Needed:

Dracula – A tall, mysterious man….Polished and distinguished…Continental and aged around 50

Maid – Attractive young girl of middle “downstairs” class

Harker – A young man of about 25; handsome, a typical Englishman of the middle class, sometimes explosive, incisive and excitable

Dr. Seward – Played in this production by a woman of late 40’s / early 50’s; intelligent, but a typical specialist who lives in a world of textbooks and patients, and whom strongly disagrees with anything not supported by science

Renfield – Repulsive young man; border line maniac with a disgusting habit of eating flies, under the tutelage of Dracula, must be very athletic

Attendant – Young man of the lower class; guard, watchman, and charged with controlling Renfield

Lucy – A beautiful girl of 20, unnaturally pale, walks with difficulty; a focus of Dracula

Abraham Van Helsing – A man of medium height, in the early 50\’s Gray hair, nervous, alert manner; an air of resolution; a man of resourceful action. Very Continental and able to speak many languages but is of Dutch decent. (May be played by the director)

Various Vimpirettes – Walk-ons with limited dialogue but capable of personality changes and subject to occasional attacks from other female vampires.

We also need the following Production Support:
Assistant Director
Stage Manager

Contact: Jeffrey B. Bowen
Executive Director, Louisa Arts Center / Central Virginia Theatre

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