VMT Announces Auditions for the Local premieres of MAMMA MIA! and DISNEY’S FREAKY FRIDAY: A NEW MUSICAL

By | July 2, 2017

VMT Announces Auditions for the Local premieres of MAMMA MIA! and DISNEY’S FREAKY FRIDAY: A NEW MUSICAL

Regional auditions for the first two shows of Virginia Musical Theatre’s 27th season will be held Sunday, August 20, from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., at the Governor’s School for the Performing Arts in Norfolk. Director Pierre Brault and Musical Director Allan Decipulo seek equity and non-equity singers/dancers ages 18-55 for the regional premiere of MAMMA MIA!; and equity and non-equity singers/actors ages 7-45 for DISNEY’S FREAKY FRIDAY: A NEW MUSICALAuditions for both productions are by appointment only. Please call 757-340-5446 or email mark.vmt@vacoxmail.com to schedule an appointment. All performers will be paid. Limited housing available for some roles. Full breakdowns for both shows are below.

All roles are currently open. Those auditioning should bring a current headshot and resume, and should have a 32-bar contemporary or pop/rock musical selection with sheet music in their range. An accompanist will be provided. Please do not bring a pre-recorded accompaniment CD. Those auditioning for MAMMA MIA! may be asked to stay for a dance call, so please bring appropriate clothing and shoes. Callbacks for some roles will be held on August 21.

The Governor’s School for the Arts is located at 254 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA, 23510. Parking in the adjacent MacArthur Mall Parking Garage is recommended. Auditions are held at the 3rd floor Musical Theatre department on Sunday, August 20, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Callbacks will be held the following day.

Please contact Mark at mark.vmt@vacoxmail.com if you have any other questions.


Director Pierre Brault and Musical Director Allan Decipulo seek a large cast of adult performers for the following roles:

  • DONNA (late 30s-early 40s – the mother of a 20 year old girl) Attractive and free-spirited. A former lead singer in a group called “Donna and the Dynamos” who now owns and runs a hotel/casino on a Greek island. A strong feminist who also has a zany and vulnerable side. Principal role.
  • SOPHIE (18-25) A very special young woman who is determined to find the romance and happiness she feels eluded her mother. Has a wild, zany spirit even though she pursues a conventional marriage. Pop soprano. Principal role.
  • TANYA (late 30s-early 40s) A former singer in the “Dynamos”. Rich, sophisticated, acerbic, funny, and witty. Supporting Principal role.
  • ROSIE (late 30s-early 40s) Also a former singer in the “Dynamos” who now writes for and runs a feminist press. She’s confident, strong, and funny on the outside but shy underneath. Kooky and fun, good comic actress, bit of a clown. Actress who sings. Supporting Principal role.
  • SAM (35-45) May be Sophie’s father. Left Donna 20 years ago because he was engaged to another woman. Charming, successful architect. Actor who sings. Baritone. Supporting Principal role.
  • HARRY (35-45) May be Sophie’s father. British financier, weathy, buttoned-up, and conservative but trying to reconnect with his freer, youthful self. Must do a very convincing English accent. Also an actor who sings. High baritone, tenor. Supporting Principal role.
  • BILL (35-45) May be Sophie’s father. A travel writer with no possessions or strings. Good-natured, always ready for adventure. Funny, preferably a big or imposing man. Supporting Principal role.
  • SKY (late 20s) Sophie’s fiance. Athletic, attractive – has given up his life as a successful young businessman in order to make over Donna’s taverna and marry Sophie. Featured Ensemble role.
  • LISA (18-25) Sophie’s friend who arrives to be a bridesmaid. Very energetic and kooky. Should be African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Native American or any non Caucasian young woman. Should sing and dance well. Featured Ensemble role.
  • ALI (18-25) Sophie’s friend. Impulsive and fun. Should contrast to Lisa and Sophie. Featured Ensemble role.
  • PEPPER (20s) Sky’s friend. Helps run the hotel. Charming, loves women, always flirting. Must be a good mover/dancer. Acrobatic skills a plus. Baritone/tenor. Featured Ensemble role.
  • EDDIE (20s) Another friend of Sky and hotel worker. Laid-back, easygoing. Also a mover/dancer role. Baritone/tenor. Featured Ensemble role.

ENSEMBLE (18+) Actors who sing and singers who dance to fill large ensemble.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.


Director Pierre Brault and Musical Director Allan Decipulo seek a large cast of child and adult performers for the following roles.

KATHERINE BLAKE (40s) – Single mother who runs her own catering business. Over-protective and type A, Katherine believes she can have it all by doing it all: even planning, designing, and catering her own perfect wedding. Must also portray Ellie in Katherine’s body. Strong belter.

ELLIE BLAKE (15 years old) – The hero of the story, and a rumpled, disorganized “everygirl.” Ellie is smart, funny, and passionate about her school’s underground scavenger hunt, but sees herself as a “Whats-her-name,” easily forgotten — unlike her “perfect” mom. Must also portray Katherine in Ellie’s body. Strong belter.

FLETCHER BLAKE (8 years old) – Katherine’s eccentric son and Ellie’s younger brother. He is a budding puppeteer who habitually annoys his sister (but secretly looks up to her.)

MIKE RILEY (40s) – Katherine’s fiancé and a contractor by trade. A warm, reliable, easygoing guy, he adores Katherine and her kids. Bari-tenor.

ADAM (Teenager) – Love interest for Ellie. Slouchy and scruffy, he is a paragon of adorable cool. Acts as the “List Master” of the school’s annual underground scavenger hunt. Tenor.

MALE ENSEMBLE – Seeking teenage and adult actors with fantastic singing voices of all ethnicities. The ensemble men also play featured roles.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE – Seeking teenage and adult actors with fantastic singing voices of all ethnicities. The ensemble women also play featured roles.

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