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By | June 28, 2020



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Our VIRTUAL camps take place for a full week, at the same time every day of that week! Your campers get a full two hours where they laugh and connect and interact with other campers. And be sure to set them up where they have room to move and play while participating in the camp! It may be all on Zoom, but they’re definitely not going to just be sitting still!

​And our TWO week SKETCH CAMP is even more! Campers will spend three hours each day connecting, writing, laughing, sharing, and performing their masterpieces, with a showcase performance online at the end! 

​We may have moved online out of necessity, but the fun and excitement is as great as ever!


What in the world is this thing called “improv”?  It’s way more than just making things up – it’s a highly refined system of observing, connecting and responding where everyone gets the opportunity to laugh and play together while making each other shine! No matter what your experience is – brand new beginner or experienced stage performer – this camp is custom fit to what the students want and need to make new improv discoveries!

July 27-31, 9:30am-11:30am (ages 9-13)
July 27-31, 1:30pm-3:30pm (ages 14-18)
Online – Only $125



The way we live and play is always based in a good story! Improv teaches us how to work TOGETHER to create stories that come from our heart and make us laugh. From learning teamwork and supporting each other, to accepting and building on offers and all the basics of good storytelling, this camp will sharpen tools that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 

June 22-26, 9:30am-11:30am (ages 9-13)
July 27-31, 9:30am-11:30am (ages 14-18)
Online – Only $125



The older we get, the more we forget how to play! This camp for high schoolers reminds us that there are many facets to play and there are many benefits. We’ll learn to play improv organically and without judgment, honing our skills as an innovator and game player. The Art of Play is a camp designed to heighten your awareness of patterns in a scene, encourage recognizing games between you and your partners, and most of all to foster delight and joy for yourself and your audience.

July 6-10, 10:00am-Noon (ages 14-18)
Online – Only $125



There are many sides to who you are, some of which you haven’t even seen yet. In this camp, we get to explore them and the characters they inspire. We’ll learn to build characters for the stage from the inside out, all from your own imagination and creativity. From pirates to wizards to superheroes to monsters, all characters are a part of you, Let’s find them and bring them out to play!

July 13-17, 10:00am-Noon (ages 14-18)
Online – Only $125



This introductory improv camp is all about having the confidence to play together as a team and make something magical for everyone! While laughing and playing games, kids will learn all about commanding the stage and connecting with your team as well as with the audience. Learn what makes a good leader in ANY situation, and be your best while making your teammates shine. 

July 13-17, 9:30am-11:30am (ages 9-13)
July 20-24, 9:30am-11:30am (ages 14-18)
Online – Only $125



Every story has a setting – a place where all of the action happens, rich with objects and locations and excitement. But Improv doesn’t come with a set or props or painted scenery, so how do we build a world that characters can play in? How do we make all of this imaginary stuff REAL? Come find out as we build worlds together that complete our stories and bring our improv games to life!

August 3-7, 10:00am-Noon (ages 14-18)
Online – Only $125



You can’t escape it – YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and about a million other “streaming” services are a part of our daily lives now. Spend two weeks learning all about sketch comedy – how to create sketches based on improv, refining your ideas with a team of fun and like-minded improvisers, and polishing it up for the big stage performance. And the inspiration for this summer’s camp is from the infinite world of streaming shows – what’s popular and really worth roasting and having fun with! The youth will collaborate online, and support each other’s sketches with a final day ONLINE PERFORMANCE of their own sketches!

TWO WEEKS – Monday through Friday
August 10-21, 9am-Noon (ages 14-18)
TWO WEEKS! Online – Only $350


Please note that there is an enrollment limit on each camp, so our campers can get the absolute most out of their experience! 

There is also an enrollment minimum, to ensure that the experience is the best we can offer. If any particular camp does not meet the minimum enrollment by the Friday before the camp start date, we will offer refunds or transfers to our other camp offerings.

​And most importantly, we want all youth who are energized by our camp offerings to be able to participate. Consideration for need-based financial assistance is available upon request.

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