The Kinetic Connection – A virtual workshop for performing artists

By | February 21, 2021

About this event

Leland Faulkner has been teaching and performing for a generation. His career has spanned theater, circus, and film. In this workshop you will explore techniques for creating performances that impact audiences. Empower your performance with authenticity, skill, knowledge and inspiration.

This lab shares the techniques that Leland has gathered over a thirty year career as a director, deviser, mime, actor, film maker, magician, and storyteller. The format is open and flexible, but generally covers the following:

• Mastering Movement for Stage and Screen By starting at the beginning, performers will see how to physically use space to take advantage of blocking and choreography. We will discuss and demonstrate the techniques of working in front of the lens, and what questions performers and actors should have when working for the camera.

• The Laws of Gesture and Kinetic Acting We will explore the how, where, when, and what to move. Understand how to use movement techniques to become understood, authentic and believable. Practical, applied movement methodology is an advanced knowledge base that every performer should understand. Understanding gesture and the psychology of blocking, provides the performing artist with character development, clarity of mind, committed spirit, physical eloquence and mastery of space.

• Acting, Premise, and the Vector Explore how physicality can make your performances pop by having audiences sense your inner life, not just the mask of words, but the life behind them. Learn unique ways of creating scenes and applying solo improvisations.

• Designing and Devising By integrating the methods of his theater masters, modern media, and the technical training of motion pictures, Leland has evolved a path where participants can become architects of their own work. By creating a performance using graphic physicality and corporeal form, artists can craft meaningful theater journeys for their live and virtual audiences. Tangibly mapping the work using the metaphoric archetypes resourced by writers, storytellers, film makers, and directors around the world gives great insight into the elements of structure. The seminal ideas of Jung and Joseph Campbell have provided an enlightened approach to character and plot development. Their concepts will be explored and applied.

• Applied Performance Session Validation through performance is a key to elevating individual and ensemble work. Using years of insight and experience Leland guides performers toward individual power and presence.

From Mar 1, 2021 to Mar 5, 2021

Every day, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST


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