Theatre Momentum is now offering our Dramatic Improv classes via Zoom!

By | October 18, 2020

Theatre Momentum is now offering our Dramatic Improv classes via Zoom!

Classes run 7 weeks, with two sections- Tuesdays (6-8:30 PM) or Saturdays (12-2:30 PM) All times are Central.

Classes start October 20th and 24th! Saturdays are almost full!

Classes are limited to a 12 student capacity. Cost: $150/Level, $350/3-levels (Payment plans available)

Come train at the ONLY theater dedicated to dramatic improvisation.

Dramatic improv is not just useful for dramatic improvisors. It is incredibly helpful for scripted actors, to find intense, immediate moments, to be able to respond to directions without judgment, and to stay focused in the moment. They’ll also help your comedic improv. Get deeper, more layered characters and 3-dimensional stories that feel like a play. Step away from tradition. These are unique classes that will change your improv world.

These are the class levels:Level 1. Improv and Physics

Students will learn about the connection between strong scene work and the physical environment in self, scene partner, and environment. Learn to be vulnerable and off-balance, get out of your head and into the moment, and use your environment to feed rich and engaging scenes.

Level 2. Realistic Characters and Relationships

Students will focus on developing rich, three-dimensional characters with multiple facets. Personal experience and other sources will help them to develop characters with depth, dimension, and history. Students will learn tools to craft dynamic relationships with their scene partners, without getting lost in plotting.

Level 3. Improv as Writing

Students will focus on treating their improvised scenes like they were fully scripted. They will learn tools that focus on compelling language, storytelling, planting seeds, themes, and subtext.

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