Ivey Picnics seeking musicians

By | May 30, 2021

I own a luxury picnic business and I have been fortunate enough to be getting a lot of bookings. I have an add on for a live musician and I offer a musician in my proposal packages as well. It’s 30 minutes of playing for select picnics and 45 minutes to an hour for the proposals. I am looking for someone ideally who can sing and play guitar but I am super open to other instruments as well. It’s a HUGE plus if you can do arrangements/medleys because it’s a nice touch for proposals.

I am looking to build a vendor list. $30 for playing/singing (30 min) for picnics $50 for proposals (45 min) and I’ll pay extra if you do an arrangement and I am happy to pay more if they request extra time with you. You would be on a cushion adjacent to the picnic table creating the vibe with your beautiful voice! If you sing and your best friend accompanies you with an instrument or if you want to do it alone I have no preference but the pay is the same.

Here is my social media for reference @iveypicnics on insta and tik tok and Ivey Picnics on Facebook. You can email me at mariea@iveypicnics.com with musician application in the subject. Please send a sample of your work and let me know if you are able to arrange music, what instruments you play, and your general availability. Also, let me know if you are down to travel. No need for a resume but do you if you want to send one. I have been supported by this community a lot and I am excited to be able to give back by hiring a theatre professional.

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