“Performer” needed for new gig

By | December 22, 2019

Hi RVA folks! I am launching a new endeavor in January of 2020, and am looking for people interested in being part!

The basics is that unHinged! is an entity that will be offering activities for Birthday parties, senior living facilities, and anywhere people are looking for entertainment for their group.

But this is not any type of “performance” in the traditional sense. You will be an emcee, conducting the event. Beginning with some simple instructions, you’ll teach the group how to build the Paper Talker Puppet, and give encouragement and guidance through the Puppetools method, created by my friend Jeff Peyton.

But the creation of the puppets is just the start. Your role will be to go around the room and “interview” the puppets, getting the participants to open up, be spontaneous and improvisational, and overcome their tendency to self-censor.

Being comfortable working a crowd and having strong improvisational skills is a huge plus. And of course a great sense of humor. This is a paid position, and a great side gig.

To express interest, please email me at info@behindthecurtainstudio.com.

To learn a little more about Puppetools, check out this Edutopia article.

One thought on ““Performer” needed for new gig

  1. Arthur Brill

    Thanks for posting this! I was not aware of this message board. I had posted it on facebook, thus my name is not on the post.
    -Arthur Brill
    unHinged! Owner. (see how fun the name is as a qualifier?!)

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