Virginia Voice Job Opening: Program & Outreach Coordinator

By | February 11, 2018

Position Job Title: Program & Outreach Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Development & Communications

F-Time: 10-12 hours per week

Wages: Hourly pay, commensurate with experience

Work Schedule: The work schedule may be flexible and is to be arranged with the approval of the Director of Development & Communications. Some evening and weekend hours may be required in
accordance with the schedule of Audio Description theater performances.

Telecommute Option: Yes

Benefits: No

Under the direction of the Director of Development & Communications, the Program &
Outreach Coordinator will coordinate all aspects of the Live Audio Description program, which
uses wireless technology to allow “audio describers” (positioned in the back of the theater) to
provide descriptions of the visual elements of live theater performances in between the actors’
dialogue. Details are below.

The Program & Outreach Coordinator will also coordinate specific aspects of the Virginia Voice
Audio Information Service, our core program, as assigned. These duties will fall under the
general category of Outreach, and will include representing Virginia Voice at Health Fairs and
other events where services are marketed to the population we serve. It also includes networking
with, and presenting to senior residential facilities to build relationships and promote Virginia
Voice listenership to residents.

The Program and Outreach Coordinator must be organized, detail-oriented and able to work
independently (once fully trained). He/she must have excellent communication skills, and be
comfortable making presentations to individuals and small groups. He/she must also be
comfortable working with diversity and multi-disciplinary teams, including people with

Previous experience with nonprofit programs is a plus, as is experience in working with seniors
and people with disabilities. Familiarity and experience with Central Virginia’s theater
community is also a plus.

Duties include, but are not limited to:
Live Audio Description Program (Live A.D.)
• Recruit and coordinate training for the volunteer Audio Describers. Help Develop and
implement volunteer retention and recognition efforts.
• Market Live A.D. to new theaters
• Work directly with Virginia Repertory Theater (VA Rep) and other theater groups to
coordinate all aspects of the Live A.D. program: schedule performances to feature Live
A.D., coordinate arrival-and-departure details of audience attendants, arrange for special
needs, work closely with theater marketing and box office staff, coordinate the physical
aspects of Live A.D. with theater technical staff (where Audio Describers and special
needs audience members will sit).
• Work in coordination with theater marketing and box office staff to promote audience
ticket sales/attendance to individuals and groups through residential facilities and
organizations that serve people with vision impairment (VA Department of the Blind and
Vision Impaired, Senior Connections, commercial Low Vision Centers, etc.)
• Manage the wireless equipment used to deliver the Live A.D. service, including the set
up and distribution of the transmitter receivers at Live A.D. performances.
• Attend all Live A.D. performances.
• Be trained as an Audio Describer, and be willing to substitute in emergency situations.
• Other duties as may be assigned.

Audio Information Service (VA Voice core program)
• Under the direction of the Director of Development & Communications, represent
Virginia Voice at Health Fairs and other events where services are marketed to the
population we serve.
• Coordinate placement and replenishment of VA Voice brochures at facilities and events
that serve the same population as VA Voice.
• Present the opportunity of delivering the Virginia Voice live stream broadcast to senior
residential facilities by interfacing directly with the media systems. Coordinate
installation with VA Voice technical staff.
• Other duties as assigned.

If interested, please email resume and letter of interest to Jennifer Cunningham at

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