Firehouse Theatre – Season 26 (2019/2020) – A SEASON OF RISK

By | April 21, 2019

Firehouse Theatre – Season 26

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”
-Erica Jong

Risk is a paradox.
We try to avoid or reduce risk, but we also seek it out — on roller coasters, in casinos, skydiving.
Dangerous and exhilarating. Life threatening and life affirming.
It would be foolish to risk your life, but is it foolish to risk your life for a loved one? Or for an ideal?
It would be irrational to jump out of a tenth story window, but is it irrational if you’re trying to escape a burning building? Or if you’re a professional stunt woman?
Theatre is full of risks. Making theatre is like leaping off a cliff or crossing the highway blindfolded. You know where the journey starts but can’t know when, where, or how it ends.
Dangerous and exhilarating.
This season — our 26th — we continue to pursue and embrace the risks of developing and producing new performance, driven by the passionate vision of the many artists who’ll call Firehouse their home this year.
Risk with us. You won’t regret it.

“Art advances between two chasms, which are frivolity and propaganda. On the ridge where the great artist moves forward, every step is an adventure, an extreme risk. In that risk however, and only there, lies the freedom of art.”
-Albert Camus

July 2019
We’re putting the finishing touches on our plans for the summer show so stay tuned.

performances begin August 29, 2019 / RVA PREMIERE
This Tony-award winning Broadway show by Stew and Heidi Rodewald is a mash up of a rock concert and a coming-of-age story. The A-Team ensemble includes Keydron Dunn, Keaton Hillman, Jessi Johnson, Dylan Jones, Jamar Jones, Katrinah Carol Lewis, and Jeremy V. Morris, and is directed by Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, with musical director Leilani Fenick, designers Chris Raintree, Alex Valentine, Bill Miller, and Ryan Dygert.

performances begin November 7, 2019 / RVA PREMIERE
This fascinating play by Eric Simonson traces the career of the famed Green Bay Packers coach. It’s about football, obsession, and dedication to perfection. Directed by Scott Wichmann and featuring Ken Moretti in the title role, with an ensemble of other performers TBA. Design team Includes Frank Foster, Sheila Russ, Andrew Bonniwell, and Ryan Dygert.

performances begin January 23, 2020 / EAST COAST PREMIERE
We’re thrilled and honored to produce the east coast premiere of Sharr White’s powerful new play about the tyranny of poverty, injustice, and family. Directed by Alison Devereaux, the cast features Arik Cullen, Andrew Firda, Jeannie Goodyear, Boomie Pederson, Lorin Turner, and Adam Valentine. Designers TBA.

performances begin March 19, 2020 / WORLD PREMIERE
K Jenkins’ new play is a stunning and lyrical work about a teenager trying to find her place in a confusing world. Directed by Mark Lerman, the cast includes Tevin Davis, Allison Page Gillman, Fred Iacovo, Dean Knight, Laura Shelton Bassin, Ed Whitacre, and others TBA. Design team includes Tennessee Dixon, Andrew Bonniwell, Robbie Kinter, and others TBA.

performances begin May 8, 2020 / WORLD PREMIERE
Described as a “noir cabaret” by the creative team of Michael Feinstein, Christopher Owens, and William Schermerhorn, this new musical is a love letter to the world of cabaret that’s filled with a score of glorious songs, stories, a love triangle, and a murder. Directed by Christopher Owens, cast and design team TBA.

FIREHOUSE FRINGE and FIREHOUSE STUDIO returns with bi-monthly installments of HAPPY HOUR POETRY, FIREHOUSE RADIO PLAYERS, THE WHISKEY REBELLION, DEATH CLUB RADIO LIVE, PLAYREADING ROUNDTABLE, BURLESQUE RIGHT MEOW, plus special events like Priyanka Shetty’s THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, K Dance YES DANCE FESTIVAL and SHORTS 2020!, the return of Ruckus (formerly Ruckus Watusi), Virginia Theatre Machine’s new adaptation of HANSEL AND GRETEL, the continuing development of J.C. Gonzalez’s pop opera WARM, Levi Meerovich’s new musical THE BEER SHOW, Emma Givens’ WITCHES, Tom Kazas’ STRING ‘EM UP…and many surprises.

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(all titles, schedules, and personnel subject to change)

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