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By | September 11, 2016

When the Other Becomes the Self.

“How do we create peace in this world? One method is to increase our capacity for empathy. There is an illusion of separation and separateness that impels us to create enemies of others. When we see ourselves in other people, we begin to understand that we belong to each other. We are one organism. With this series of 4 plays, one-woman explorations on violence and war, religion and racism, love, self-loathing, personal growth and sacrifice, I want to examine the absurdity of our culture of war and violence. To kill or harm the other is to kill or harm the self… and to harm the self is to harm the world. Why do we keep killing and harming each other? Ourselves? Perhaps we have forgotten that we are one. Maybe we need to help each other to remember.”
– Katrinah Carol Lewis; TheatreLAB Associate Artistic Director and director of The Cellar Series: When the Other Becomes the Self.

by Eve Ensler
directed by Lucinda McDermott Piro
With The Good Body, Eve Ensler – author of The Vagina Monologues – turns her unique eye to the rest of the female form. Whether undergoing botox injections or living beneath burqas, women of all cultures and backgrounds feel compelled to change the way they look in order to fit in. THE GOOD BODY merges cross-cultural explorations with Eve’s own personal journey coming to terms with her “less-than-flat, post-forties stomach.”
Performed as part of the V DAY Event.
[February 20th – February 22th, 2017 at The Basement]

by Rachel Corrie; edited by Alan Rickman, Katharine Viner
directed by Heather Falks
On March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American, was crushed to death by an Israeli Army bulldozer in Gaza as she was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. My Name Is Rachel Corrie is a one-woman play composed from Rachel’s own journals, letters and emails — creating a portrait of a messy, articulate, Salvador Dali–loving chain-smoker (with a passion for the music of Pat Benatar), who left her home and school in Olympia, Washington, to work as an activist in the heart of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Performed as part of the 2017 Acts of Faith Fringe Festival.
[March 3rd – March 11th, 2017 at The Basement]

by Anna Deavere Smith
directed by Addie Barnhart
starring Katrinah Carol Lewis
Acclaimed as “an American masterpiece” (Newsweek), Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 is a stunning work of “documentary theatre” in which Anna Deavere Smith uses the verbatim words of people who experienced the Los Angeles riots to expose and explore the devastating human impact of that event. From nine months of interviews with more than two hundred people, Smith has chosen the voices that best reflect the diversity and tension of a city in turmoil: a disabled Korean man, a white male Hollywood talent agent, a Panamanian immigrant mother, a teenage black gang member, a macho Mexican-American artist, Rodney King’s aunt, beaten truck driver Reginald Denny, former Los Angeles police chief Daryl Gates and other witnesses, participants and victims. A work that goes directly to the heart of the issues of race and class, Twilight ruthlessly probes the language and the lives of its subjects, offering stark insight into the complex and pressing social, economic and political issues that fueled the flames in the wake of the Rodney King verdict. With an added performance on May 4, 2017 — 25 Years after the Rodney King Riots.
[March 24th – April 1st, 2017 at The Basement]

by George Brant
An ace fighter pilot’s career in the sky is ended early due to an unexpected pregnancy. Reassigned to operate military drones from a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas, she hunts terrorists by day and returns to her family each night. As the pressure to track a high-profile target mounts, the boundaries begin to blur between the desert in which she lives and the one she patrols half a world away. “A searing piece of writing…gripping…a must-see.” – The Guardian
[May 25th – June 3rd, 2017 at The Basement]

Subscriptions for THE CELLAR SERIES are now available at – audition information for THE GOOD BODY, MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE, and GROUNDED will be announced soon.

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