The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company 2017-2018 Season

By | July 16, 2017

The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company
2017-2018 Season
Pine Camp Arts and Community Center
4901 Old Brook Road
Richmond, VA, 23227

Wine in the Wilderness
Written by Alice Childress
Directed by D.L. Hopkins
September 21st – 30th 2017
The 1964 Race Riots in Harlem, NY provide the setting for Wine in the Wilderness. In a tenement just above the chaos, a suburbs-raised, self-impressed artist named Bill is embarking on the last of his triptych of paintings which will represent black womanhood. Follow along as the play honestly explores the differences and perceptions within the African American community.

The Dream Seller and the Forest Dwellers
Written by Jerry Maple Jr.
Directed by Shanea N. Taylor
November 30th – December 9th 2017
Dream Seller and the Forest Dwellers is a lighthearted children’s play. Follow along with the forest dwellers as they learn life lessons about what it means to be themselves.

Free Man of Color
Written By Charles Smith
Directed By Toney Q. Cobb
February 8th – February 17th 2018
Free Man of Color is the story of John Newton Templeton, an ex-slave who is unexpectedly freed and attends Ohio University, graduating in 1828, thirty-five years before the end of slavery. In this play, learn how a Presbyterian minister, Reverend Robert Wilson who is also president of the university, is forced to reevaluate his abolitionist views and Templeton is forced to examine the reason he was chosen to be the first.

The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company
P.O. Box 1801 Brook Road #25735 Richmond, VA 23260

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