Firehouse produces U.S. premiere of Ronan Carr’s THE BARBER OF MOVILLE

By | May 15, 2022
Firehouse Theatre is pleased to announce that it will produce the U.S. premiere of Ronan Carr’s play THE BARBER OF MOVILLE for a limited run from June 23 thru July 17, 2022.

Carr’s darkly humorous and enormously powerful THE BARBER OF MOVILLE begins with Molly and Dommo closing up their barbershop in Derry City, Ireland for a week so they can splurge and finally take a well-planned trip. The couple is going to Zurich, Switzerland to see the final performance of The Barber of Seville. They’ll check into their swanky hotel room, dress for the occasion, watch the opera from their front row center seats, then top the evening off with a gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant. The next day, the doctor they hired will come to their hotel room to give Molly a lethal injection before she vanishes in her dementia.

Carr tells this tragically powerful story of connection and separation and deep love and loss through dark humor and mounting pathos. The frustration and memories pile up as Dommo tries to get Molly to remember the plan that she insisted on making so they can begin their journey together, before it’s too late.

THE BARBER OF MOVILLE toured barbershops throughout Ireland in site-specific productions in 2018 and 2019. Ronan Carr is an award-winning actor/writer from Dublin. His plays have been seen in Dublin, London, New York, and Derry.

Firehouse’s U.S. premiere of THE BARBER OF MOVILLE is directed by Nathaniel Shaw and features Katie McCall as Molly and David Bridgewater as Dommo. Chris Raintree is scenic designer, Colin Lowrey II is designing costumes, Todd Labelle is designing lights and sound, Erica Hughes is dialect coach, and Dennis Bowe is stage manager.

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