Long running puppet salon event pops up at Firehouse Theatre

By | January 22, 2023

Firehouse Theatre is pleased to be the site for the 2023 installment of Blood From a Turnip puppet salon on Sunday, January 29 at 7:30pm. General admission tickets are $10. The salon is appropriate for ages 12 and older.

Blood from a Turnip is a puppet salon celebrating the diversity of puppet expression and the range of folks who tell stories through objects. Since its founding in 1997, the event has presented short form puppet shows in a variety of styles and incubates the professional and amateur puppeteer alike. Like a proverbial stone soup, this PG-13 event showcases a number of local puppeteers who are making their Richmond debuts.

Featured at January’s Firehouse performance:
H&G -The Rift by Virginia Theatre Machine (Richmond, VA)
–The opening scene of a contemporary adaptation of Hansel & Gretel by this soon to be legendary mobile theatre that brings professional theatre to the streets. VTM is best known for its Christmas Carol that just wrapped up performances in December.

Sammy Davis Therapy by Bonky Dolls (Washington DC)
–Playwright/Puppeteer David Higgins presents this show that asks: Ever have a rough week at work that makes you feel that you can’t escape? Well, Sammy Davis Jr. is here to whisk you away to a better place. That midcentury modern Garden of Eden may not be real, but it might be nice to visit for an afternoon.

Georgie’s Dilemma by Mr. Paul (Portsmouth, VA)
–Ventriloquist Paul Greggs works out this new piece as he retires from 40 years of experience in the fields of mental health and juvenile justice.  There’s likely lots to learn for all of us adults as well.

Wicker World by Whorls of Wonder Puppet Theater (Ruckersville, VA)
–Puppeteer Mary Nagler presents a vignette from a larger work populated by Wicker puppets made from found objects. Nagler has recently moved from the West Coast to Virginia and fabricates and sells puppets of many varieties.  Even has some Avenue Q puppets to rent!

Two Lazy Fellows by Tasheva & Tasheva (Woodbridge, VA)
–Julia Tasheva is joined by her daughter, Isabell-Marie Tasheva-Shetler in this short piece about two villagers who have lots of work to do but would rather dance. Julia  is a professional puppeteer holding a master’s degree in Puppetry from the National Academy of Film and Theater Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.

With Musical Interludes provided by Anaís K. Alonso (Richmond, VA)
–Anaís K. Alonso is a bilingual singer, songwriter, musician, creative writer, visual artist and teacher who loves to dance. She regularly performs as part of Latin
music duo/trio Serenata.

For Blood from a Turnip information and tickets please go to https://blood_turnip.eventbrite.com. For information about Firehouse go to https://www.firehousetheatre.org.

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