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By | July 18, 2021



1.) Sign up for an audition date and time here:


1.) NOT REQUIRED: Perform a Shakespeare monologue of your choice. (Can be on or off-book.)

2.) REQUIRED: Choose a KING LEAR side (or two) provided here:

GENERAL INFO: ::::::: > ZOOM ROOM FOR AUDITIONS: (If on a smartphone, use ID: 4556481286)

Audition Dates/Times (EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME):

  • July 27th – Tuesday @ 7pm EDT
  • July 28th – Wednesday @ 7pm EDT

REHEARSAL Dates: (*Not all characters will be called to every rehearsal).

  • August 24th – Tuesday @ 7pm EDT
  • August 26h – Thursday @ 7pm EDT
  • August 31st – Tuesday @ 7pm EDT
  • September 2nd – Thursday @ 7pm EDT
  • September 7th (tech) – Tuesday @ 7pm EDT
  • September 9th (dress) -Thursday @ 7pm EDT


  • September 11th – Saturday @ 2pm EDT
  • September 12th – Sunday @ 2pm EDT

**** BEFORE auditioning, please double-check the dates and times of the rehearsal and performance dates to ensure that you don’t have conflicts. (Some conflicting rehearsal days can be worked through. Not all characters will be called to every rehearsal.)

::::::: > ZOOM ROOM FOR AUDITIONS: (If on a smartphone, use ID: 4556481286)

1.) View and/or download audition sides: KING LEAR AUDITION SIDES:

2.) This is a FREE virtual (ZOOM) live-streamed Facebook production of Shakespeare’s KING LEAR

3.) Additional show communication will be emailed to you.

4.) KING LEAR is 3.5 hours in length. We will run unabridged.

5.) Please do not audition if you cannot make the majority of rehearsal and BOTH performance dates.

6.) We will focus on scene work, so rehearsals will not normally run the full-length of the show.

7.) We will not have callbacks. Casting will be done post-haste.

8.) Non-traditional casting

9.) Performances will be recorded, and all cast members will receive a copy

10.) Non-Union, Unpaid If you’d like to view the two previous productions from our Shakespeare tragedy series, Click here to view Hamlet and Macbeth

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Any questions or concerns? Please email: Jared Johnson

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