Breaking Point Auditions – Coalition Theater

By | November 5, 2023

Breaking Point is a new play written and directed by Elliot Wegman running at the Coalition Theater March 15-17 and 23-24 with a possible extra show in Williamsburg the 22nd.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute comedic monologue and sign up for a slot with this link for Saturday, December 2nd: Audition Link

Callbacks will be Sunday December 3rd.

These are all paid roles.

Synopsis: The Virginia High School Tennis Doubles championship and a college scholarship are on the line. When playing hard clearly won’t work, what will the public school team need to do to knock off the private school 12 time champions? Beg, cheat, employ an ancient cursed artifact?


Allistair (high school): Rich and conceited. Punchable face. A leader. Prom King material.
Fraser (high school): Freshman with extreme insecurity and a short fuse. A rich Scrappy Doo.
Caleb (high school): The jokester. Hides investment and fear of failure with humor most of the time.
Cameron (high school): Sensitive. The moral compass. Tortured by how much is riding on this.
Coach 1 (60s+): A legend of high school tennis. Talks in riddles. Profound if you can figure out what they’re saying.
Coach 2 (20s+): Desperate for approval and to feel they’re connecting with the kids, wants to be one of the guys.
The Ref (20s+): Here for the paycheck.

This is a boys’ high school tennis match but I encourage all genders to audition. I would lean toward the high schoolers passing for high schoolers but otherwise am open to casting anyone for any role. There is a high probability the two coaches and ref will all be played by the same person.

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