Richmond Shakes is holding open call auditions for the 2023 Richmond Shakespeare Festival at beautiful Agecroft Hall & Gardens!

By | January 22, 2023


We are holding open call auditions for the 2023 Richmond Shakespeare Festival at beautiful Agecroft Hall & Gardens!


Saturday, January 28th from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Sunday, January 29th from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

(Callbacks will be the following two weekends)


Centenary United Methodist Church

411. E. Grace St.

* Entrance to church is in the back off Franklin St.


Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume and prepare one two-minute, comedic, classical monologue.

To sign up for a slot, please contact Nata Moriconi at:

*Please specify if you would like a pdf copy of a script.


The School For Lies by David Ives, adapted from The Misanthrope by Moliere

Directed by James Ricks

June 1 – June 25th


FRANK –A native of Paris, newly returned from England. He is known for his own coruscating wit and acidic misanthropy. (30-45)

CELIMENE – (Selly-menn) A beautiful young widow so known for her satiric tongue that she’s being sued for it. (20’s-30’s)

ELIANTE – (Eh-lyahnt) Celimene’s cousin. the object of Philinte’s romantic attentions, possesses a deep understanding of the French society in which she lives, demonstrates a keen insight into the relationship between the sexes and occasionally offers a witty critique of how men in love behave. (20’s – 30’s)

PHILINTE – Enamored of Eliante. a polite and tactful man who is well adapted to the society of the play, avoids the type of offensive straightforwardness that characterizes Alceste, is almost so well adjusted as to come across as boring, lacks the sharp wit and cleverness of many of the other characters, but is appealing in his selflessness. (20’s – 40’s)

ARSINOE – (Ar-sin-oh-eh) a bitter woman who is unpleasant, and thus unable to attract men, masks her frustration with extreme manners and piety, she is openly critical of Celimene out of jealousy, as she herself seeks the love of Alceste. A moral pillar. (30’s – 50’s)

CLITANDER – (Cluh-tander) Another marquis chasing Celimene’s love, seems less desperate than the other suitors for her affection, his greatest joy comes from his participation in a gossip session with Celimene, but ultimately has enough pride and confidence to give up on Celimene when she insults him. (30-45)

ORONTE – (Or-ahnt) An outspoken man who seeks to be an integral part of his society, experimenting with poetry, fashions himself a multi-talented man, though the mediocrity of his poem calls this particular talent into question, he appears confident and he reveals his insecurities when criticized. (30-60)

ACASTE – (A-kast) a young and egotistical marquis, considers himself a prime candidate for the role of Celimene’s lover, he is unabashed in singing his own praises, which may explain his confusion and frustration over Celimene’s rejection. (30-50)

DUBOIS – Celimene’s servant, consistently tries to serve canapes to the guests but always ends up having his tray upended.

BASQUE – Alceste’s jittery, bumbling manservant, his comic subservience to Alceste is a major element of the farcical nature of the show, out of nervousness in trying to tell Alceste everything.

• DUBOIS & BASQUE are played by the same actor, (20-45)

The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare

Directed by Andrew Gall

July 6th – July 30th


ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE – 30’s, a visitor to Ephesus, enamored with Luciana, long lost twin of Antipholus of Ephesus

DROMIO OF SYRACUSE – 30’s, manservant to Antipholus of Syracuse, long lost twin of Dromio of Syracuse

COURTESAN, FIRST MERCHANT – 30’s+, 1st Merchant a kind tradesman from Ephesus; the Courtesan is a ‘friend’ of Antipholus of Ephesus and owns the Porpentine

DROMIO OF EPHESUS – 30’s, manservant to Antipholus of Ephesus and long lost twin of Dromio of Syracuse

ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS – 30’s, Adriana’s husband, owes people in Ephesus money, and long-lost twin of Antipholus of Syracuse

EGEON/PINCH, – 45+. Egeon is the father of the two Antipholus twins; Pinch is a would-be excorcist/mystic

ADRIANA – 30’s, Antipholus of Ephesus’ wife.

LUCIANA – 30’s, Adriana’s unmarried sister

ANGELO – 30’s +, from Ephesus, a goldsmith

SOLINUS/BALTHASAR – 30’s+. Solinus is the Duke of Ephesus; Balthasar is a merchant in Ephesus

JAILER/OFFICER/2nd MERCHANT – 18+, the jailer/officer is the service of Solinus; 2nd Merchant is from Ephesus and is owed money by Angelo

LUCE/EMILIA/ABBESS 40’s + Luce works for Adriana and Antipholus of Ephesus/ Emilia is the long-lost mother of the Antipholus twins and Egeon’s wife. Since loosing them she has been sequestered in an Abbey.

Richmond Shakes is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer committed to diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, gender identity or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.

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